Drawings do not garner as much attention as paintings do; but they are more challenging and less forgiving.  Mistakes are difficult to hide or correct, especially if done in ink.  It is the best way to hone one’s skills.  I find drawing a bit easier with charcoal but capturing the facial expression in black and white remains a big challenge.

Below are a few of my drawings which appear quite simple but just as hard to create.


Child Bride

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Child Bride
Charcoal, 16" H x 16" W | Framed: Yes

This drawing was inspired by a news photo I saw in the Financial Times about a thirteen-year old Afghan girl destined to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather whom her parents owe money to. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the innocence and desperation in the child's face. What came out, perhaps, was an expression of defiance and determination to plow through what destiny has given her? Price: $ ...Shipping: $50

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