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Why I’ve stopped painting!

My paint brushes stored

I haven’t been painting for more than two years now.  It has nothing to do with the lack of desire or inspiration, but more with practical reasons.  My paintings are piling up and I haven’t sold a painting for a while.  Why, you ask?  Besides actually creating art, an artist has to work hard to sell.  Because I simply don’t have the talent for salesmanship, I resort to posting my art on social media like Facebook and Instagram, and sites like ArtPal.  How effective these are remains to be seen.   So, until Lady Luck strikes or a strong wave of inspiration engulfs me, I won’t be painting anytime soon.  

My Shopvida Design Collections Updated

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Nature's Tapestry Scarf

Nyssa top

Glamour bag




A poem inspired by Spring

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal
I just know when he is around
His calls are so loud, seemingly urgent
He flits about from branch to branch
My eyes could not find him.
He doesn’t rest
‘Til he hears the answer to his calls
Suddenly, a beautiful red appears
On a sea of green
Soon, a lesser red alights to join him
They both fly into the skies…..
Mating season has begun.
Copyright, April 11, 2017
Cynthia Angeles

The right to vote

I don’t usually post anything unrelated to art in my blog, but this time, I strongly feel I have to.

Land of Many Stripes

Voting is an important right of every US citizen, but with it comes a huge responsibility: to actually show up and vote, and to vote sensibly. Base your decision on facts – NOT on lies and distortions that abound in email messages and social media.

THINK hard and weigh the facts. Politicians are not perfect; they make mistakes like we do. However, do not vote for someone just because you like him or her. And don’t vote based on your gut feeling or your conscience. Most of us ignore the glaring facts and insist on our “feelings”. Use your educated judgment.

Immigration is a major issue in this presidential election. A lot of us are affected by this, which gives rise to strong emotions which may cloud our judgment. REMEMBER, the United States of America is a country built by immigrants. AND, DO NOT FORGET, that we stole this land from Native Americans.

Terrorism is a big concern and a global problem. But America cannot isolate itself and expect its world power to continue. We must extend our hands to the rest of the world. It is only through cooperation and intelligence exchange that we can resolve common problems.

We are all citizens of these United States: young, old, black, white, yellow, brown, red, straight, LGBT, poor, rich, etc. Open your minds to the facts and VOTE RESPONSIBLY.

SO:  Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or Independent, please vote on November 8; and vote sensibly. DO NOT BE COMPLACENT about this presidential election. Your participation or indifference will decide who will lead our nation for the next four years.

The Art of Dressing Elegantly – For Women of a Certain Age: Rule No. 7

Rule No. 7:  You’re never too old to look good!

Some women give up on themselves just because they are “old”.  Age is a state of mind.  I am reminded of a friend in her early 90’s who lived on a limited budget.  She never failed to stretch and exercise every morning.  She walked almost everywhere.  And, when she did, she was always immaculately dressed – not expensively, just elegantly.  She kept her gray hair short and complemented her clothes with lovely silver jewelry.

I can never forget the time she showed me a lovely Kenzo scarf she bought on sale at Filene’s Basement (remember it?).  She was so excited about how drastically reduced the price was.  She was 92 at the time.  Through all the years that I had known her, she had always carried herself with grace in both dress and manners.  She had always been the epitome of a lady to me.

The woman below illustrates a style that is simple, classy, and timeless.  Even carrying a cane did not detract from the elegance she exuded.
 mature woman with cane
Photo from Pinterest