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To Price or Not?

I have been struggling with a common artist dilemma for a long while now.  When I had my website converted from Microsoft Office Live to WordPress, I did not indicate the prices of my paintings.  People would contact me through email if they were interested in a piece.

More than a year ago, I received advice from an artist who successfully sells her art through her website to do the same.  I carefully considered it and decided to have a “store” created within my website where one can buy my art and pay through PayPal.  Unfortunately, not one has purchased anything from my site except my husband who was just testing if the process actually works.  It does!  But so far, my sales, though slow and few, have been made through my studio – not the website.

I started wondering.  Does indicating the price cheapen my art?  I thought it would save a prospective buyer time to know how much a piece costs.  My prices are lower than most in the Washington, DC area; so does this give the buyer the message that my art is not good enough?  Was it a mistake to indicate the prices in my website?  Should I get rid of them? Any suggestions?  Thoughts?

My dentist’s office

I sat in my dentist’s waiting room yesterday and was surrounded by my own paintings. More than a year ago, I made arrangements for some of my paintings to be hung in his clinic but I still get surprised with each visit.

The Brook

The Brook is the biggest attention-drawer, according to the office. No wonder, it is a 30″ x 40″ canvas with lovely autumn colors.

Benguerra Coast

Benguerra Coast is the second most popular piece among the lot. It is a 16″ x 20″ oil painting (including frame).