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Buy prints of original art

The holidays are gone, but if you’re still in the market for art and don’t want to spend on original paintings, try buying prints. They are an inexpensive way of owning art.  Prints of my paintings are available upon request. Just specify the dimensions (just standard sizes, please) and I’ll get back to you with the price. Contact me at: paintingsbycynthia@gmail.com 

Best-of-the-Rest at Barebrush

Autumn Leaves was selected as Best-of-the-Rest for October 21 and again for November 29, 2015. Giclee print matted and framed, 23″ x 27″, $650.

Autumn Leaves

2015 Water Works Exhibition at the Annapolis Maritime Museum

My painting Floating Leaves II (oil on canvas, 19″ x 15″) was selected as one of 54 artworks (out of 580 pieces submitted) for the 2015 Water Works juried exhibition at the Annapolis Maritime Museum from September 16-November 1, 2015.

Floating Leaves II

My paintings at “Undressed & Not”

These are the paintings I will be exhibiting at Barebrush at NoHo Gallery (530 West 25th Street, New York City) from August 12 – 16, 2014:

Painting with a palette knife

I am almost done with my new painting – a portrait, with just a few finishing touches needed. I used a combination of palette knife and brush. Although I’ve used this mix before, I’ve never done it on a portrait. I used my photo for the pose, and a vague idea of the mood of the subject. Then, I just let the image develop over time.

I don’t like painting wet on wet because it muddies the colors, so I wait until it dries, then paint some more. The palette knife allows me to be more free with my strokes and has even infected my use of the paint brush. The results are very encouraging. The image below has already undergone some changes on the eyes and the background but you can see that the brush strokes are more obvious here than in my other pieces. The title I have for this is “Worries”.