In late September 2004, I went on a two-week safari trip to Zambia with our friends Ilse Mwanza and Burke Dillon.  After Zambia, Ilse went on to a solo road trip to Mozambique while Burke and I proceeded to a ten-day fly-in safari trip in Namibia.  The whole month was crammed with wonderful experiences including visual delights which inspired the following paintings.


At the Village Pump

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At the Village Pump
Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24" (NA)
This scene was based on a photo I took during the same trip to Zambia, when we visited Nyamphande, our friend Jacob Mwanza's village. The women, along with the young girl, were fetching water from the artesian well which Jacob had donated to his village. The colors of their clothes and water containers were so stunning I just knew the scene would look just as beautiful on the canvas.

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